Pre-Boarding Checklist

Where social dogs have too much fun

To make your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible there are a few things to bring and things we need to know:

1.  Food that your dog is used to eating. We can supply dog food, but it is better if they stay on what they are used to eating. If that is exactly what your dog eats at home then there will be no stomach upset.

2.  We supply all dishes so please leave yours at home.

3.  A flat collar. Choke chains are dangerous to wear while playing. 
    The collar should have identification on it, such as dog license dogs name and phone number.

4.  Please do not bring toys. Many toys – such as tennis balls and chew bones – are dangerous to have in crates overnight. The dogs rarely have time to chew them and they are too tired at night to bother.

5.  Vaccinations are for your dog’s protection as well as the other dogs’. We require proof of the Distemper/parvo  combination (usually their annual booster)  Rabies, and bordetella or a copy of vaccination titres.  If you have questions, please speak with Tracy or one of our staff.

6.  Please ensure that we have your current address and phone numbers.

7.  Emergency numbers are very important should something happen to your dog. Vets will not normally make decisions regarding quality of life so it is up to you to ensure we have a contact number each time you board with us. If there is a minor injury we would take your dog to the vet for any required medical attention. We recommend you put it on top of your pups food each time they board as it may change.  We normally do not call you unless there is a quality of life question.

8. If any concerns come up after your dog returns home please make sure to contact us.

9.  For payment we accept cash, cheques and interact e-transfers.  Sorry, we are not set up to process credit or debit cards. You are required to pay when you drop off your dog or when you pick him up.

10.  We are open 7 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week, except Christmas Day (no in and outs).
 Please respect those times for drop-off and pick up.