Tracy Thomsen

I was born and raised on a farm. By the age of five I was responsible for taking care of the chickens and the horses and helping with the cows. My love for animals seemed like a natural course for me. I did rodeos and rode English competitively for 15 years.  I grew up riding horses and motorcycles on our 40 acre farm in Prince George.

We moved to Sooke when I was a teenager and I continued my love for horses and dogs.  I left home at 18 to live and work on the Western Canadian Wildlife reserve and spent five years there. I had the opportunity to work with otters, eagles, raccoons, squirrels, osprey and owls, just to name a few!  It was a wonderful experience. During the time I spent at the wildlife reserve I went to college where I studied biology. In 1992 I had the opportunity to travel to Africa. In Africa I studied ethology for three months with Simon Fraser University. It was an amazing experience to understand why animals do what they do and to see and experience the culture.

I have a strong first aid background as a level 1 first aid attendant for several years and many times have used the skills I have learned. I competed at the provincial level in first aid competitions working with the Saanich Fire department and police. I have gained a far greater knowledge of the experiences they face everyday.

I started Pet Pampering when I returned home from Africa. I felt there was a need to comprehensive animal care. It is hard to find people with a total understanding of what animals need. There were no other kennels where dogs were allowed to be dogs. I love dogs because they are simple and straight forward. There are no hidden agendas and they are unconditional in their love.
Since starting Pet Pampering in 1992 when I started dog walking it has evolved into something wonderful. We no longer dog walk or do in-home care but we do provide a fun and safe place for people to leave their dogs when they need help with them.  I have boarded pot bellied pigs, hamsters, bunnies, guinea pigs and rats (no not at the kennel!!) in my house. I do believe that dogs do need to be with other dogs and be able to play and run and get dirty!!

In 1997 my son was born, I was walking dogs when my water broke. I took three days off and then I was back at it. My clients at the time thought I was crazy!! It is different when itís not just a job! I have raised my son on my own with my wusbands help as we are good friends.

I opened the kennel in 2000 when I bought the property where the kennel is located. We not only board and daycare dogs we also have a rescue farm. We have pot bellied pigs, 1 cow, a sheep, a goat, chickens, ducks and geese. I have two dogs of my own and entlebucher and a rescue from Mexico. We also raise ethically reared chickens and organic produce. You can read more on our farm page!

Three years ago I began to work with a group called PEACE Mexico. They are a non-profit organization that spays and neuters dogs and cats for free on the west coast of Mexico. There website is Typically I will go down for a week and spend 4 days at the clinic, they run from Wed to Sat and move around the coast. I help with anaesthetic, animal control, treating for parasites, and recovery. It truly makes a difference. The last trip down in Nov 2011 I brought home Mouse a little Mexican street dog who has stolen my heart!

I am truly lucky to have created a life that I love so much!