I’m a born and raised islander. My beautiful family includes my three kids and my dog Hank. I’ve been at Pet Pampering for 16 years, managing staff and caring for the dogs. Working at pet pampering continues to be rewarding in many ways, either a dog coming out of its shell and learning to trust other dogs or seeing the excitement of owners and pets reuniting after a trip away. You will most likely see me in the morning at drop-off, and soon enough, your dogs will know me as the cookie lady!


I was born in Victoria and have lived here my whole life. I’m a huge animal lover and always had pets growing up, which now includes my  chihuahua Chino! After becoming a dog trainer I fell in love with being able to help owners and their dogs and I knew it was something I’d always want to be involved in. I couldn’t think of a better place to work.

On my days off I like a good mix of relaxing and getting outside. I come from a family of water lovers. Whether it’s rowing, swimming, fishing, or just going to the beach we love it all.

Nat Orr


I was raised in Nakusp, BC, a small town surrounded by natural beauty, so it’s no surprise when I moved to follow my dream of working with dogs, I was drawn to the island. I am a certified dog trainer at Animal Behavior College and Karen Pryor Academy. I specialize in pet dog training using clickers and reward-based training methods. Odds are, when I’m not at work, I’m spending time with my dogs, Duke and Minto. When we aren't working on fun and goofy tricks, we are camping or hiking the island’s beautiful sights.


Jen X

I love being with dogs as they provide me with so much joy in my life. I’ve worked at two other dog daycares in other cities before

joining the Pet Pampering crew.  I also love all nature and I spend a lot of my time gardening and loving on plants. I always stop to smell the flowers and I always stop to pet a dog. I really enjoy giving  dogs love and ear rubs. I will never run out of love to give and I will always enjoy those meaty faces, silky ears and chunky paws. 

Hello my name is Brandy. I was born in Powell River B.C. I am a huge animal lover and have always wanted to work with animals and pet pampering has given me that opportunity. Since I was young I have had animals. My family has a skinny pig AKA a pocket hippo named Beautiful Bella Baby, a cat named Monkeygirl and two rescue dogs named Roxy and Roland. On my days off I enjoy walking, reading, doing crafts or sitting on the couch watching  animal movies.


I grew up in the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver, and moved to Victoria in 2019. Growing up we always had lots of pets, whether it was cats, dogs, guinea pigs, horses, bunnies or chickens, there was always an animal or two in my house as a kid and even now!
Before starting at Pet Pampering I worked in a local pet store helping people to make the best nutrition choices for their pets. My favourite part about working at Pet Pampering is being able to work outside, and of course the dogs!
When I'm not working I like to explore the islands camping, paddle boarding and adventuring. 


Originally from a farming family in Australia and working in horticulture I moved to Victoria in 2021 and studied at Pacific Rim College earning a certificate in Community Herbal Medicine and a diploma in Permaculture Design. I am now an all rounder at Forest Green Farm, passionate about regenerative farming, lover of all animals and have a special interest in herbal medicine growing and production. 



I grew up in Calgary Alberta and always loved helping out with all the animals on my friends and family's farms. I've been in Victoria for over 30 years raising my own family. In this time we have rescued/ fosters up to 12 dogs,with up to 7 at one time.  I have always had joy helping all the dogs find confidence and love. 

The best part for me about working at Pet Pampering in giving all the dogs love and comfort at their home away from home.

When I I'm not working   I like to spend time with my family!

Hi! I'm Madalynn, I'm a  artist that loves to work with dogs! I have owned dogs my whole life, and I can for sure say, they are better than people! My favourite activity is camping and hiking!

Tracy aka Ruby Thomsen

I was born and raised on a farm. By the age of five I was responsible for taking care of the chickens and the horses and helping with the cows. My love for animals seemed like a natural course for me. I did rodeos and rode English competitively for 15 years.  I grew up riding horses and motorcycles on our 40 acre farm in Prince George.

We moved to Sooke when I was a teenager and I continued my love for horses and dogs.  I left home at 18 to live and work on the Western Canadian Wildlife reserve and spent five years there. I had the opportunity to work with otters, eagles, raccoons, squirrels, osprey and owls, just to name a few!  It was a wonderful experience. During the time I spent at the wildlife reserve I went to college where I studied biology. In 1992 I had the opportunity to travel to Africa. In Africa I studied ethology for three months with Simon Fraser University. It was an amazing experience to understand why animals do what they do and to see and experience the culture.

I have a strong first aid background as a level 1 first aid attendant for several years and many times have used the skills I have learned. I competed at the provincial level in first aid competitions working with the Saanich Fire department and police. I have gained a far greater knowledge of the experiences they face everyday.

I started Pet Pampering when I returned home from Africa. I felt there was a need to comprehensive animal care. It is hard to find people with a total understanding of what animals need. There were no other kennels where dogs were allowed to be dogs. I love dogs because they are simple and straight forward. There are no hidden agendas and they are unconditional in their love.
Since starting Pet Pampering in 1992 when I started dog walking it has evolved into something wonderful. We no longer dog walk or do in-home care but we do provide a fun and safe place for people to leave their dogs when they need help with them.  I have boarded pot bellied pigs, hamsters, bunnies, ducks, alpacas, guinea pigs and rats (no not at the kennel!!) in my house. I do believe that dogs do need to be with other dogs and be able to play and run and get dirty!!

In 1997 my son was born, I was walking dogs when my water broke. I took three days off and then I was back at it. My clients at the time thought I was crazy!! It is different when its not just a job! I have raised my son on my own with my wusbands help as we are good friends.

I opened the kennel in 2000 when I bought the property where the kennel is located. We not only board and daycare dogs we also have a rescue farm. We have pot bellied pigs, sheep, goats chickens, ducks and geese. I have three dogs of my own all rescues. We also raise ethically reared chickens and organic produce. You can read more on our farm page!

 I  worked with a group called PEACE Mexico. They are a non-profit organization that spays and neuters dogs and cats for free on the west coast of Mexico. There website is Typically I will go down for a week and spend 4 days at the clinic, they run from Wed to Sat and move around the coast. I help with anesthetic, animal control, treating for parasites, and recovery. It truly makes a difference.  In Nov 2011 I brought home Mouse a little Mexican street dog who has stolen my heart, he has now passed but everyday i am reminded of how much love he brought into my life, he will be missed forever. Dogs don't live long enough.

I am truly happy to have created a life that I love so much!