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I wouldn't leave my dog with a friend but I never worry about leaving her here.


Great place for dogs to socialize...great place for them to play...great staff!!

- Lars Thomsen


With two dogs that have Some Issues sometimes, we felt we could never really go anywhere. After a friend's recommendation of Pet Pampering, we gave them a call and went for an assessment, and it was SUCH a relief!! Someone finally GOT our dogs - they weren't considered beasts, but dogs with some behaviors based out of fear, and they totally understood them. Their first visit of 11 days was great - they were well-behaved, had a blast and it was such a relief for us to have found a nurturing, understanding place for our dogs to go. They communicate quickly via phone or e-mail, and personable, and run an efficient place I would highly recommend.

- Christine Warde


Shooter and Ace absolutely LOVE Pet Pampering!

They jump out of the car and can’t wait to play with all their doggy pals…they don’t even turn around to say good bye. We’re always so pleased with the special attention they get from staff when they are convalescing after a surgery or required to take some meds for an illness. By far the best pet care we have ever experienced!


Given an ultimatum . . . keep the dog . . . or my husband! Kept both – thanks to Pet Pampering! Pet pampering has not only taken care of my puppy Elsie (who is extremely high energy) since she was 8 weeks old – but me too! Trying to work full time, with kids and find the time to entertain/train a puppy is challenging. If your dog needs to learn how to be a dog or just plain loves being a dog . . . then you have come to the right place. The dogs attending are all shapes and sizes . . . but all behave well because of the wonderful staff who really understand them as a pack and as individuals! My dog has been spoiled rotten there. I am so glad I found them for both daycare and boarding. Reasonable rates – exceptional care . . . I can’t say enough about them!


My dog just loves it here. I don’t like the idea of “traditional kennels” where the dogs are locked up all day and don’t get to play. This place is amazing! The dogs socialize and play with each other and for “new dogs” they get to learn how to be a dog with a pack 🙂 They learn manners and respect for other dogs. My dog even came home after a week there and knew all these new tricks. Whenever we are diving up to the place (a few kms away) she knows..and gets really really excited and happy. I have also learned that Pet Pampering fosters dogs and socializes them from shelters and rescue groups so they can find a home. Another plus! I love this place and I know my Emma is well taken care of 🙂



My German Shepherd LOVES Pet Pampering!

When I get to the corner of Goward & Interurban, she pops her head up and by the time I turn onto PP’s drive, she is scratching at the back door to get out. And for my peace of mind: I know the staff love her, know her medication regime, and know her particular ways… I can work or holiday, knowing Satya is in good hands. Thanks so much for all you do for us!

- Lori


My black lab loves pet pampering.

She shakes with exictment as I drive into the drive way and bounds after the great staff who meet us at the gate. They always recognize her and make a fuss so her excitment continues all the way up the walk way. I have placed her in both the day cae and kennel for up to 3 weeks and she has always been returned to me happy, tired, and in good health. Great place to leave her and I wold recommend to anyone.

- Jake


I wouldn't leave my dog with a friend but I never worry about leaving her here.