Do I need to book ahead for boarding or daycare?
Our daycare is drop in although we like to know when you are coming if it is your dogs first time. Boarding you need to call ahead to make sure we have room for overnight.


Why do you interview the dog before it’s first stay?
We like to do an assessment prior to your stay or daycare to make sure your dog is social with people as well as dogs and you both feel comfortable with the facility. At this time we can also make sure your vaccinations are up to date and answer any questions you may have.


What should I bring with me when my dog is boarding over night or longer?
We ask you to bring food your dog is used to eating so there is no tummy upset. We don’t allow toys with the dogs overnight for safety so it is best to leave everything else at home.

 Make sure we have your current phone and contact details or the details of where we can reach you in an emergency.


My dog has a minor ailment that requires regular medication – How do you handle that?
We give medications at no extra charge according to your instructions or your vets instructions. We like to receive the medicine in the original bottle if at all possible.


What about food for my dog?
We require you bring your own food  this avoids tummy upset that can result from unfamiliar food.

Our vaccine requirements or titer testing
Yes we also require that all dogs must be vaccinated for Bordetella, rabies, distemper and parvo.


Do they get enough exercise without being walked?
Absolutely, The style of the facility allows your dog to regulate their own exercise, so dogs with high energy can run all day while mellower dogs can rest when they need to. Some younger teenaged dogs will be rested as they have a hard time knowing when to quit!

How much attention will my dog get?
Every dog is different in the attention that they crave from humans. Those who are happy to play with other dogs all day are allowed to do so, and those who prefer our company will get as much attention as we can give them! 

Will my dog miss me?
With so many new friends, new smells, and new places to explore, your dog will probably be too distracted to even notice you are gone! We do our best to make sure your dog is comfortable in their new space, and we will always be honest with you about how well they adjust. Dogs live in the moment!

What do you do in extreme weather?
In extremely cold weather, we may reduce the time that your dog spends outside, and allow them to play in the barn where they may be more comfortable. However, we will still supervise those with thicker coats that may still want to be outdoors. Since it rains through most of the winter here, we have two covered areas in the main field that provide refuge from downpours, though most of the big dogs we’ve met couldn’t care less about the rain! They can be hosed off with warm water before they are returned to you if requested so you do not have to worry about getting a muddy dog home! We also have a bathing service!

Where will my dog sleep

The kennel has heated floors in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. Each dog has his own sleeping area whether it be a kennel, run or an x-pen. We make sure they are settled before the end of the night. 


Do they all get along?
We only accept friendly, social dogs, so you know you are leaving your dog with a safe group. We determine your dog’s behavior during you assessment and their first stay with us. We have separate pens for dogs that are having a cranky day, but if any dog becomes a problem over time then we have no choice but to ban that animal from our facility to ensure the safety of our other guests and boarders.


Can I watch them playing in the field?
Unfortunately this is something we actively discourage. Most dogs are different with their owners around, so for safety reasons we are not able to bring you up to the barn when your dog is in the field. However, we do have a variety of pictures on our Facebook page to check out!

Do you take little dogs?
We do take little dogs but they don’t go out into the big field with the big dogs. They have their own outside area, and usually spend most of their time inside with us.